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Distorting mirrors from us in the media ....

Also in the popular TV program from RTL

Our distorting mirrors have also been used in the popular TV program of RTL, Holland's Next Top model. We are very pleased with this. During the broadcast, the models were subjected to a laughing therapy. Unfortunately, the distorting mirrors were only briefly in the picture !!

Our laughing mirrors have also been used in the popular TV program of RTL, Holland's Next Top model. We are very pleased with this.

Linda Magazine

For the fashion special from Linda Magazine (August 2011) has made a set of mirrors available. As far as we are concerned, you cannot see in the photos that our mirrors have been used. The effects obtained could also have been made with photoshop. We are nonetheless proud of our participation in this fantastic magazine and, of course, as a thank you for our cooperation, it contained a thank you note. Click on the photos above for an enlargement. Click on this link to go to Linda Magazine.

In the Linda Fashion special, photos were made using our smile mirrors.On this photo you can clearly see what a smile mirror can do when you place an object on it.Of course we are proud of our mention in the Linda. A sheet of format!

A new children's book

Youp van het Hek has written a new children's book (2011) and during the signing session our distorting mirrors were in store. Click on this link to order the book at

With the introduction of this book, supplied laugh mirror for the amusement of the audience before they could collect a signature and book from Youp van het Hek.

EO vision

In EO vision, a 2-page article has been devoted to weight loss, and for this reason has provided the mirrors that make it thinner. (The feelgood mirror, Sphere Width)

We at contribute free of charge to publications in all media on the basis of a thank you to in the medium. So a thank you as in EO vision or a rule on the credits.

Moto 73

Engine magazine Moto 73 has published a piece about three Hondas with 600CC. Because the engines were quite different from each other (thick, thicker, thickest), they thought it would be fun to photograph the engines in front of a smile mirror. Precisely because you draw the differences in the extreme ... Very creative and we gladly have fully cooperated in this. Below a photo of the photographer in action and the photo of the final article. In the folder projects you can still see some photos.

The photographer of motorcycle magazine Moto 73 in action to properly photograph the smile mirror in combination with the motorcycle.Distortingmirrors gladly cooperated with motorcycle magazine Moto 73 for an article about Honda 600 engines that were photographed for our smile mirrors.

Noord Hollands Dagblad

The Noord Hollands Dagblad published this cartoon on December 6, 2011 and we received it from many sides! We like to place this in this section!

Cartoon with distracting mirror

De BZT Show

The BZT Show is a television program of the NCRV, in which the wishes of children are fulfilled. When they asked for our cooperation by providing a distorting mirror, we naturally granted this request. Watch the video made of this for Youtube below.

Labyrint (VPRO)

On 4 June 2012 they made recordings with us at the VPRO building for the TV program Labyrint. In this broadcast it will be about the false self-image that many people have of themselves. Many people think that they are too thin, fat, ugly, etc., while that is actually not the case. Below three photos of the recordings. The broadcast was in September 2012.


TV recording. We cooperate free of charge on all media statements, provided our name is mentioned.The director and the models at work.Laughing mirrors in the context of a wrong self-image. A common reason to rent them. Both by mental health coaches and trainers who bring this matter to the attention.

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