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Sponsoring sponsors charities, partly from its own initiative and partly on the advice of its customers. In the case of large orders, we do not go directly to the customer for 20% of the discount that we give to the customer, but to a charity to be designated by the customer. Below we would like to show you the photos of the delivery if available and the link to the charity website.

Bennie is fed up with boring schoolyard.

Bennie is 7 years old and his school yard was full. It is a typical schoolyard, only mar tiles and no greenery. The school has responded to his wish and Bennie is going loose. We know Bennie's father and respond to his son's wish. What we did not expect was the enormous amount of involvement in our message and instead of sharing the requested 85 times it was shared 262x. Click for more information about Bennie's promotion on this link. View the photos below, click on them for an enlargement.

 Bennie 7 years old is fed up with boring schoolyard! Distortingmirrors decides to help by donating an appropriate smile mirror. Handing over the smile mirror to Bennie. As a service, we also hung it up.  Proud Bennie did it! His fellow students are eager to use it! A photo with the entire story printed on 60x40cm Dibond is in our head office.


Hand distorting mirrors

For the large Rogsteakers carnival procession 2019 in Weert we are looking for 10 hand-held mirrors with a size of approximately 12 x 25 cm/ 4,72 x 9,84 inch or something in a frame. Can you help us with this? That was the question, our answer was that it would be a pricey event and that we still have some residual waste and we would like to sponsor it. As a thank you we got the message that they have won a first prize! How nice can it be for a company that embraces carnival!

Hand laugh mirror sponsored by distortingmirrors for carnival club with first prize as a reward!

Kentalis: when hearing or communicating is not obvious.

Kentalis is a national organization that has been specialized in diagnostics, care and education for people with disabilities in hearing or communication for more than 220 years. Kentalis is for children, adolescents and adults who are deaf, (severely) hearing impaired or deafblind. But also for people with serious speech language problems or autism with speech and language disorders. Some people have an additional disability, or motor problems. Some have a different home language. Click here for the Kentalis website.

Through the Hans van Willigenburg program on RTV-NH "De Hulplijn" we were approached as to whether we wanted to sponsor 1 distorting mirror. Our employee Thea Molenaar was extensively interviewed by a surprised van Willigenburg about the diversity that we can offer in the field of distorting mirrors. Nice is not it!

RTV-NH LogoKentalis Foundation, rejoicing with a smile mirror.

Opkikker foundation

The Opkikker Foundation provides Opkikkerdagen for families with a long-term sick child, so that after many annoying days, the fun days last just a little longer! Click here for the Opkikker website.
Distorting mirror expert Ronald Kooij hands over the distorting mirror to Stichting opkikker!

On March 15, 2012 we handed over a smile mirror to the Opkikker Foundation.Thank you letter Opkikker Foundation

Landscape North Holland

A conscious use of space, infrastructure, scarce resources and waste has a prominent place within the thinking and acting of By making an active contribution to a sustainable society, we want to be of added value to society. This is one of the reasons why we support Landschap Noord Holland. Click for the website of Landscape North Holland.

Distortingmirrors supported Landscape North Holland by an annual donation

The Fifth season

Her name is Joanneke Meester, is a visual artist and lives in Amsterdam. She makes projects in public spaces, installations, video works and artists' books and collages. From April 2012 to June 2012, she works in the fifth season. The project she is going to make is called Rout's and Routines. She collaborates with the elderly residents and challenges them to map their routes and routines and perhaps to take a "different" path. For this project, she has the idea at the end of the route to incorporate three distorting mirrors into a work of art. In a triangle with curtains in front of the distorting mirrors, the residents will be surprised by the images (mirror images of themselves) behind the curtains. For this, we have gladly provided the distorting mirrors, LAW, PERSONALITIES and FEELGOOD (round wide). Click here for the website of the fifth season.

The fifth season

Humor workshops

Humor is a topic that appeals to everyone. Humor is an essential competence at work. With humor you can build strong teams, bind customers, put things into perspective and improve the atmosphere. In organizations where people enjoy working, productivity increases. Employees are sick less often and communicate more positively. Humor is in everyone, the only question is: how can you use this quality more? To the people of we have sponsored a Distorting mirror Amsterdam Small for 50%.


Amarant Centrum Zandoogjes

Handicapped care institution of Amarant Centrum Zandoogjes in Breda has submitted a request to us for sponsoring a distorting mirror. We now have this project at the top of our wish list for donation. Of course we do not give away mirrors on the conveyor belt so maybe you can help us? Are you sponsoring a piece for this healthcare institution? Please contact Ronald Kooij to discuss your contribution. Naturally you will receive a piece of advertising in return + the very grateful faces of the children from this care institution.


Because corporate social responsibility is important to us, we sponsor various goals with a smile. For example, for the first half of 2012, we asked VU MC Kinderstad from Amsterdam if they wanted a distorting mirror. And they wanted that! On May 24, 2012, we delivered this distorting mirror, on a mobile chassis, to the very enthusiastic ladies of Kinderstad. After delivery, the first children were already in line to laugh. We wish KINDERSTAD a lot of pleasure with their distorting mirror. Click here for the VUmc Kinderstad website

Ronald Kooij presents Marijke Peer with a nice mobile laughing mirror for the VU MC KINDERSTAD.VUmc KInderstad has been made possible by the Ronald McDonald Children's Fund

LSC sponsor at maison d'etre in Rotterdam. (Theme; see)

About Maison d'être
The organization of Maison d’être consists of Ike, Jeroen, Thijs and Steven Vester. With 5 benefit parties dedicated to the senses, we shed light on Rotterdam from a different perspective: at unique locations we give up-and-coming art, music and performance talent from the area a chance to promote themselves. This is accompanied by new danceable electro and techno tunes. All profit goes to a good Rotterdam goal or initiative, which fits the sense that is illuminated at that party: see the weekend as an investment for the weekday! In other words: Maison d'être stimulates the senses, the city of Rotterdam and the good initiatives that take place in her life.

Maison d'être 1:
ODOR The very first edition of Maison d'être was on 22 September 2012 in the WORM (near the Witte de Withstraat), and was all about the sense of smell. Visitors could play scent games, such as "guess the scent" and "scent memory", and visitors everywhere could learn more about their sense of smell. In addition, we have invited Aroma jockey "Scentman" to provide the dance hall with delicious scents - from cinnamon to freshly cut grass, from dark chocolate to cheerful flowers. The charity that we highlighted was "De Groene Loper" from Gudrun Feldkamp. The party was a great success

Maison d'être 2:
VIEW For the new edition of MdE on February 23, 2013, we are focusing on the vision body to raise money for Hotspot Hutspot. Think of all kinds of sight games, optical illusions, artworks, lots of visual decoration etc. We managed to secure the top location Floating Pavilion for this edition, a location that naturally fits very well with the theme of sight! The room has a clear split, so that two spaces are created. A dance hall with music (max. 200 people) and a drink / "market" / chill / lecture hall for the other people. If sight, seeing or watching is in the picture, then we are happy to be part of the party and occasionally we act as a sponsor. We wish the organization every success!

We also do sponsorship of smiley mirrors to enhance your theme. However limited because we receive weekly requests ...

LSC sponsor of Willem Huub. Alpe D'Huzes.

Unfortunately, my cousin Edith died much too early in 2012 from the effects of colon cancer. And since she is the same age as the undersigned, you are very concerned about that. In 2013, her husband Willem Huub climbed Alpe D'Huzes running for Edith and the fight against cancer. I think that is really a top initiative and the supported this initiative with € 250.- On behalf of the and me as a private person, I wish Willem Huub and all other participants in Alpe D'Huzes every success now and in the future. Ronald Kooij (Owner

Alpe D'HuZes for EdithEdith

2 Distorting Mirrors sponsored by Paul de Leeuw

At the request of the production company of the Langs de Leeuw program, we sponsored 2 distorting mirrors. Paul de leeuw gave them away to Karin, volunteer at Moviera in Utrecht. During the regular broadcast, we were allowed to be at the recording, Paul de Leeuw had forgotten to give the mirrors away. A pity in itself because this program has more than 1 million viewers! But good at the internet broadcast and later that evening they were given away in Langer de Leeuw. (450,000 viewers) Broadcast March 30, 2013.

We wish the children a nice smile every day when they look in the mirrors.

Gymnast Senna Kooij

We entered sports marketing in March 2013. This purely for brand awareness. When people read or see a distorting mirror center, they may think; Hey, wouldn't that be nice for us? We start close to home with the daughter of founder / owner of the Senna Kooij distorting mirror center (photo). Mother and girlfriend of founder / owner Marianne Duineveld regularly participates in running competitions and from now on also runs in our sports clothing. In addition, Marianne Duineveld and employee of the Jan Schouten distorting mirror center will be taking part in the Nijmegen Four Days Marches. Of course in our training suits.

Gymnast Senna Kooij

Senna Kooij donates hair to Stichting Haarwensen

Many children who are or become bald as a result of a treatment or other cause, would do anything to be able to go through life again with a full head of hair. But good hairpieces and wigs are often priceless and only a small part is reimbursed by the insurance.

The Haarwensen Foundation is for children up to and including the age of 18 who, due to medical treatments or another form of alopecia (baldness), are eligible for a hairwork or wig.

The Haarwensen Foundation wants to offer these children the choice of a large collection of high-quality wigs, without incurring any costs for them.

Haarwensen Foundation is the first main objective of the Roparun 2012 and receives a donation of 200,000 euros. With the donation, the Haarwensen Foundation is able, among other things, to increase the supply of wigs, so that the demand for a wig can be met immediately.

Click here to go to the website of Stichting Haarwensen.

In 2013, at the request of her father, Senna Kooij, 7 years old, decided to save her hair for st. hair wishes. Her father was suggested by Suus Wolters, who also donated her. Friday, February 7, 2014, the time had come and the hair was cut. No less than 33 cm/ 12,99 inch!

Now 1 year after the idea, Senna went to the foundation in Mijdrecht to give the tail a personal touch. An extremely friendly young lady received us and had all the attention for Senna and thanked her fully!

Senna was given an explanation about how they make the wigs. For example, did you know that 4 braids are needed for 1 wig? She was also allowed to ask questions and Senna enjoyed it very much.

St. Haarwensen gives away the wigs for free to girls who need a wig due to illness or other circumstances. That really makes a child happy. As a token of appreciation, Senna got a nice gift in the form of a key ring.

Senna immediately received a beautiful letter of thanks. Senna is super proud that this way she can mean something for peers who are less affected. She fell asleep in the evening with a big smile of pride.

Charity, Haarwensen foundation. Isn't this fantastic to see?Senna cuts her hair off for the Haarwensen FoundationReception of Senna at the Haarwensen FoundationExplanation about how a wig is made to donor Senna at Haarwensen FoundationSenna receives a thank you from the Haarwensen FoundationAs an extra, Senna could also offer a smile mirror on our behalf!Thank you letter from the Haarwensen Foundation to Senna!

Carnival association Geval Apart from Zwaag

Every year we are approached by carnival associations that want to use distorting mirrors in their designs. This year's carnival association Geval Apart from Zwaag made a beautiful design for which we have sponsored 6 distorting mirrors in exchange for advertising. The award was also a first place among the running groups! The carnival parade in Zwaag is the largest in North Holland. View the website of this gigantic procession here.

Sponsored laugh mirrors with a beautiful home-made borderThe walking group of Carnival Association Geval Apart from Zwaag with our laughing mirrorsGeval Apart won a first prize in the running groups!

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