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Our mirrors are regularly rented to "the faith". The different churches and religious communities deal with it differently, but we noticed one thing very clearly and that is that the mirrors are used to let you experience the distortions as your own "distorted" self-image. A straight mirror is placed next to the distorted mirrors, because that is how GOD sees you. Just the way you are. This is also the reason that we are the only smile mirror rental company that rent out a straight mirror. By the way, it is remarkable what people see in the straight mirror as long as they do not know that it is not actually a smile mirror ...... (do not tell further!)

From a customer I received the following texts from the Bible where the word mirror appears:

Hi Ronald,

The Bible text that we were talking about that concerns a mirror can be found in 1 Corinthians 13:12

1 Corinthians 13 The love 1

If I spoke the languages ​​of all people and those of the angels - if I had no love, I would be no more than a thumping gong or a shrill cymbal. 2 Though I had the gift of prophecy, I understood all the secrets, though I had all the knowledge, and had the belief that mountains can move - if I had no love, I would be nothing. 3 Although I sold my possessions because I wanted to give food to the poor, even though I gave up my body and I could be proud of it - if I didn't have the love, it wouldn't help me. 4 Love is patient and full of goodness. Love knows no envy, no vain display, and no complacency. 5 She is neither rude nor selfish, she cannot be angry and does not blame evil, 6 she does not rejoice in injustice but finds joy in the truth. 7 She tolerates everything, she believes everything, she hopes everything, she perseveres in everything. 8 Love will never perish. Prophecies will disappear, sound will be silenced, knowledge will be lost - 9 because our knowledge falls short and our prophecy is limited. 10 When the perfect comes, what is limited will disappear. 11 When I was a kid, I spoke like a kid, I thought like a kid, I reasoned like a kid. Now that I am an adult, I have left behind everything childish. 12 We are still looking into a blurry mirror, but soon we will be face to face. Now my knowledge is still limited, but soon I will know fully, as I myself am known. 13 The three of us, faith, hope and love, but the greatest of them is love.

The word mirror appears at least 4 times in the Bible.
If you search by mirror on the website you will find the following:

Search for: mirror
Search in: The New Bible Translation (2004/2007)
5 sites in 5 verses

1. Job 37.18 can you then, as he, hammer out the canopy, which is as hard as a cast mirror?

2. Hosea 12.11 I spoke to the prophets and gave many visions; I have held up a mirror to you through my prophets.

3. Sirach 12.11 Even if he is humble and bows to you, you must be on your guard and watch out for him. Then you are like someone polishing a mirror and knowing that he will be dull again.

4. 1 Corinthians 13.12 We now look into a hazy mirror, but soon we will be face to face. Now my knowledge is still limited, but soon I will know fully, as I myself am known.

5. James 1,23 For whoever hears the message but does nothing with it is like someone who looks at the face with which he was born in the mirror:

I hope it inspires you further!

Greetings, Samuel


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