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Rentalset 150x68cm/59,06x26,77inch (Most rented out)

Rentalset 150x68cm/59,06x26,77inch (Most rented out)

Renting can in many cases offer a better solution than buying one or more distorting mirrors. Distortingmirrors is the largest landlord in the Netherlands, with more than 125 distorting mirrors directly available for rent!

Rental price of 1 distorting mirror € 29.50 ex. VAT per day (part)

Rental price 1 complete set (7 pieces) € 206.50

2nd day 50% discount on the above price

Extra tracking days 70% discount on the above price

If your event lasts 2 days, you pay the usage days, not the build-up and dismantling days. (minimum rental period is always 1 day)

We deliver throughout Europe. Delivery and collection are calculated in the quotation. We build and dismantle for € 30.- per set.

To rent this mirror set please contact  

Distorting mirror set  Smile mirror set in beautiful industrial setting.  Rental set of laughing mirrors in library in Grimbergen Belgium. Smile mirrors, this is a partial photo of a wall with 28 smile mirrors. For entertainment / distraction at a congress. #Laughter mirrors Creating a festival atmosphere with smiley mirrors. #succeeded!
Smile mirrors are popular in shopping centers! Entertain many people at the same time? Rent a lot of laugh mirrors with us ...  Smile mirror arrangement in perfect semicircle. (14 pieces) Smile mirror arrangement as a wall at the entrance.  Smile mirrors are popular at festivals at inland and abroad  The reception expertly concealed behind laughing mirrors

Our standard rental sets are composed of distorting mirrors of the Amsterdam model, and are supplied in transport bags including the free-standing supports so that you can build them up in the free space. These are then 174 cm/ 68.5 inch high on the supports. Images shown above are impressions of rental jobs.

DISTORTING MIRROR Rental projects that have stayed with us:

Visit Brussels - Iris Festival 2019

On 5 May 2019 we were able to provide a SMILE MIRROR STREET during a multi-day Visit Brussels Festival. In a tendering process we were asked for ideas and then we suggested the idea of ​​setting up a street mirror, 140 meters long, 70 floor mirrors in a row. That idea was approved and we have put our mirrors there in the middle of Brussels in the beautiful city park. We have chosen not to put them all next to each other, but opposite each other. An impressive sight, many thousands of people have visited our "street" this day! The reactions were very positive and we are already looking forward to next year! View the photo impression below, click on a photo for an enlargement.

Start building 70 laughing mirrors, laying down the free-standing supports. After the build-up, all smile mirrors are placed at the supports. On the supports and the transport bag removed, ready! We are proud of the result! Many people can use so many smile mirrors at the same time. Even more people! Do you have a festival where you want to surprise your visitors with a huge attraction? Contact us now!


Congrestival op Jaiselings Royal Palace

On Thursday 23 May, events agency the Arjan van Dijk Groep organized an interactive conference festival on the outside grounds of the Jaiselings Royal event location Palace. The 250 guests enjoyed good music, tasty snacks and various workshops. As additional entertainment, the distorting mirror center provided entertaining laugh mirrors. A great collaboration! Read all about the great design of this successful event via this link.

Smiley mirrors at congrestival

Luxury room decoration

In the reception / reception area of ​​a large gala dinner, there are 7 distorting mirrors placed for entertainment. The room had a chic look and our black / brown rental distorting mirrors fitted perfectly!

Laughing mirrors placed in a luxury room as decoration during the reception of guests for a luxury dinner.  Beautiful for decorating a room, for entertainment, as a diversion or with a challenge? The smiley mirrors on the supports are 174 cm/68,5 inch high.

Set up 2 distorting mirror sets at the University of Brussels

For a theme day during the theme week; Enlightenment week (spiritual enlightenment), we drove to the Free University of Brussels. 2 beautiful exhibits made and the students could get started!


Smiley mirrors at the University of Brussels. Theme; week of the lighting. Smiley mirrors at the University of Brussels. Theme; week of the lighting.

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