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Rentalset 180x68cm/70,87x26,77inch with spy distorting mirrors

Rentalset 180x68/70,87x26,77inch with spy distorting mirrors

Renting can in many cases offer a better solution than buying one or more distorting mirrors. is the largest landlord in the Netherlands, with more than 125 distorting mirrors directly available for rent!
In addition to our most rented format of 150 cm/ 59,06 inch high, we also offer you the option of renting "other" distorting mirrors. A good example of this are our look-through or spy laughter mirrors.

To make good use of these specific distorting mirrors, a so-called black box must be created behind and over the see-through mirrors. The intention is that visitors from behind the distorting mirrors in the black box look at the antics of the people who "dig out" for the distorting mirrors. What is also possible is that you place a photographer in the black box and that he or she takes photos. After your event you offer the hilarious photos to your guests. of course with an explanation of how and what about. the secretly taken photos! To be able to make a good estimate of the possibilities, we advise you to contact our office. The prices listed below do not include the required black box.

Rental price of 1 espionage distorting mirror 180 € 39.50 ex. VAT per day (part)

Rental price 1 complete set (7 pieces) € 276.50

2nd day 50% discount on the above price

Extra tracking days 70% discount on the above price

If your event lasts 2 days, you pay the usage days, not the build-up and dismantling days. (minimum rental period is always 1 day)

We deliver throughout Europe from a rental amount of € 192.50 Delivery and collection costs are calculated for you in the quotation. We build and dismantle for € 30.- per set. The prices mentioned are for delivery and collection at times to be determined by us so that we can combine several journeys in order to cover the journeys. Of course we try to take your wishes into account as much as possible. Download our general rental brochure.

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