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Model Amsterdam available in 7 sizes and 9 shapes


Smile mirror model Amsterdam, our standard model of which we can deliver 7 sizes from stock. If you want to apply the outside mirrors look directly on this page.

Our smile mirror series are named after famous European cities, and of course we started the Amsterdam series in our own country. In addition, we have a freestanding series that looks like the Eiffel Tower because of its design, so that choice was made quickly! Paris series was born. In this series you buy the standard in which you can place a smile mirror of the Amsterdam series. So you can change very easily! The Berlin series contains robust smile mirrors 180 cm / 70,87 inch high and 50 cm / 19,69 inch deep. Because of this depth we can make the forms extreme, this gives more entertainment value to your visitors.

Below we will explain in detail what all of our options are. We have an incredible number of variations on our standard smiley mirrors in our range. Compare it with a car. When purchasing a new car you can also choose from everything and so with us. The price that we mention above the product in our webshop,, is the price for a complete product, of excellent quality, but it can always be that you want variations on our standard model. View the options, the price in the webshop automatically adjusts when you change an option. Click on the option of your choice below to read more about it or scroll down slowly to read the entire page quietly. (recommended)


We offer you the option of 6 mirror variants:

  1. Acrylic mirror (silver) (25x stronger than glass) A hard plastic, very strong and easily deformable for use in distorting mirrors.
  2. Acrylic mirror (gold) (25x stronger than glass) Acrylic is available in many colors, as standard we have the golden color variant in our assortment. You are of course free to choose a (light) red or purple colored mirror. If you want a different color mirror in connection with, for example, a decorative application, please contact our office.
  3. Polycarbonate mirror (250x stronger than glass) A very hard plastic, but used a lot due to its purity. We recommend this from 2018 for applications in indoor playgrounds in relation to the child-resistant plastic (No. 4). This is because polycarbonate gives a much clearer reflection compared to the unbreakable plastic.
  4. Child-safe (unbreakable) We use these unbreakable mirror plates in our smaller mirror. Due to the small thickness of only 1 mm, it is flexible enough to handle the smaller radius of, for example, the 60 x 38 cm. A disadvantage is that the reflection is not as sharp as with acrylic or polycarbonate. (If you do not have any comparison material at the time of viewing, you will not see it!)
  5. Stainless steel 304 For outdoor applications of distorting mirrors we use stainless steel in the Mirror 8 finish. This finish is excellent for interior applications. If you live on the coast or in a saltier environment with, for example, wind influences, choose the RVS 316 version.
  6. Stainless steel 316 (salty environment)

We have all of the aforementioned versions of mirrors in stock to a greater or lesser extent. This is especially important with stainless steel because it normally has a delivery time of 6 to 8 weeks and we have to purchase a minimum order size from our supplier.


Distorting Mirrors & Distortions

Shape   Distortion   Counterform   Distortion
CONVEX CONCAVE CONVEX   Gives you mirrored legs (double legs) and a short torso   CONCAVE CONVEX CONCAVE   Makes you small and fat, and places you upside down on yourself at the top. (best mirror)
VERTICALLY CONVEX   Makes shorter   VERTICALLY CONCAVE    Makes longer
HORIZONTALLY CONVEX    Makes long and narrow (Feel good mirror)
Tip: stand in front of it!
  HORIZONTALLY CONCAVE    Makes very broad when one is very close and copies you to 3 characters

Normal mirror. Note: because acrylic is not really flat, there is always something of a distortion


No. 8

Convex / Diagonally forward

  Replacement for those who do not want a straight mirror in a set purchase.

No. 9

Convex Concave Flat

  Replacement for those who do not want a straight mirror in a set purchase.        

As a mirror becomes smaller or larger, the distortions do not become larger or smaller. The XXL distorting mirror is therefore chosen more for the impressive than for the "more extreme" distortion.

Viewing direction Convex Concave Convex Concave Convex Concave Vertically Convex Vertically Concave
  1. 2. 3. 4.
Horizontally Convex Horizontally Concave Flat Convex / Diagonally forward Convex Concave Flat
5. 6. 7. 8. 9.


Convex Concave Convex gives you mirrored legs (double legs) and a short torso.   Concave Convex Concave Makes you small and fat, and places you upside down on yourself at the top.   Vertically Concave, makes longer.
Vertically convex, makes shorter   Horizontally convex. Makes long and narrow (feel good mirror) Tip: stand in front with your side!   Horizontally Concave makes very wide when one is very close to it and copies you to 3 characters.
Flat   Nr. 8 Convex - Diagonally forward   Nr. 9. Flat - Concave - Convex

Fixing holes

Hanging up your smile mirror (s)

All our smile mirrors can easily be hung up. We supply slotted thumbscrews and by screwing them into the plug at the correct depth you can hang the mirrors completely flat against a wall. It is important to always attach the seat angle to the bottom. Small children cannot lift "themselves", which causes the mirror to come off the pan-top screws and fall on them, with all the consequences that entails.

With this option you can choose in the order screen and whether you want the holes on the back or not. The choice not to want them might be that you place the mirror in sight on free-standing supports or otherwise and you do not want to see "ugly" holes. Moreover, our smaller smile mirrors are often used for mobile applications and then holes can be experienced as ugly.

The XXL distorting mirrors are too heavy to be hung on slotted thumbscrews. Depending on your situation, place these huge distorting mirrors on the floor or on a beam mounted on the wall and screw them to the top with seat corners.

Slotted thumbscrews so that the smile mirror can be mounted tightly against the wall.  Every smile mirror has an extensive hanging description, drilling template and maintenance instructions. The mounting hole where the slotted thumbscrew can fall into the rebate of the rear. If the rear is in sight, you can choose to leave the hanging holes closed.  Through the slotted thumbscrews, tightly mounted against the wall.


Worldwide shipping!

We ship all over the world. and as soon as we send, we want the smile mirror to arrive, just like you. Your smile mirror will be well packed upon shipment:

  1. First of all, every smile mirror goes into a single-layer corrugated cardboard box
  2. Secondly, a double-layer corrugated cardboard protective plate is placed on the first-mentioned box on the mirror side
  3. Thirdly, a double-layer corrugated cardboard box surrounds this.

All in all, your distorting mirror is sufficiently protected, experts from UPS and Cheap Cargo have inspected this method of packaging and found it to be good. If your smile mirror nevertheless arrives damaged, you can either refuse the shipment or accept it. If you take the shipment damaged, report the damaged box on your receipt to be signed, take the laughter mirror photos before you unpack and notify us immediately by sending an email with the photos taken.

 An additional protective plate protects the mirror against unexpected transport damage.   The smile mirror is packed in an outer box, an extra plate on the mirror side and then a double-layer cardboard shipping box.    

Frame color

Innumerable colors possible for your list

Depending on the material you have chosen, almost countless colors are possible. The colors that we have in stock are listed in this menu. If you want a specific color, please contact our office. Please note that we have to order per full plate and that you therefore pay a higher price than if you only want 1 smile mirror. Consult with your smile mirror expert about the costs.

Recently it has also been possible to have the ends edged with edge bands so that your smile mirror consists entirely of 1 color.

Depending on your wishes you can also choose your material in this menu. Depending on your material, your color may or may not be. The following choices are at your disposal:

Color Material Description
White Birch plywood High-quality multiplex double-sided coated with an HPL in the color WHITE
Black Birch plywood High quality multiplex double sided covered with an HPL in the color BLACK
White Wash Birch plywood High quality plywood sprayed in the color WHITE WASH. For mobile applications or rentals, this is the right choice of materials. HPL crumbles quickly in the corners when bumped or (too) hard on the ground after it has been removed from free supports. 
Broun Black Birch plywood High quality plywood sprayed in the color WHITE WASH. For mobile applications or rentals, this is the right choice of materials. HPL crumbles quickly in the corners in the event of bumps or (too) hard landings on the floor after it has been removed from free supports.
Forex (wit) Foam Foamed PVC, the cheapest solution for outdoor installations where vandalism is not a threat. The "open" fronts are a point of attention because they attract dirt. You can prevent this by having it treated with clear varnish.


Birch plywood High quality plywood double sided in the color of your choice. 
Own color Birch plywood Distorting mirrors works exclusively with high-quality materials from reputable suppliers. You can choose any color you want from the endless color palette of HPL and we ensure that the frames are covered with it. Please bear in mind that we must purchase full plates and that you will therefore be charged. 
Plastic gray


Distorting mirrors is proud to have found materials that have a completely different application in daily life, but we then turn them into mirrors. Take our Plastic Gray, in the normal application these boards are processed as decking boards, mainly in the USA. We have found them, we import them and we turn them into a beautiful product. It is a relatively soft material so in our vandal resistance it has been given the status of solid. If you really need to be stupid, choose HPL, only available in our outdoor use department.
Plastic brown


See the story at Plastic gray. The color is now only brown.


The eye wants something too

A beautifully finished product makes us proud as a producer. That is why we have also looked closely at how we finish the backs. Due to the weight, we have opted for foamed PVC, better known as foam plate or under the Forex brand name. Foamed PVC is light and relatively strong, does not attract dirt and is very affordable. We deliver all distorting mirrors with a white back as standard. If you buy a smile mirror with a black frame and the rear is visible, you can choose to have a black back plate mounted in this menu. As a last option we offer you 3 mm Birch Multiplex. This is a must if you have mobile applications for your smile mirror (s).

Design frame

Frame in the form of your smile mirror

We are often asked to provide a smile mirror without a frame. However, the mirror plate would then be flat again. Because it is precisely the rebates in the frame that keep the mirror in the right shape, which causes the distortions. Yet it is possible to make a smile mirror without a frame. We then roll a stainless steel plate into the desired shape. You will understand that this is not cheap and moreover the chance of damage is high. We take no responsibility for this, because the plate that we deliver is rolled, so any damage caused by grains of sand and the like. You will have to consider your risk analysis.

Alternatively, we now have the frame milled in the shape of the mirror, as close as possible to the rebate. This creates an even more exclusive end result! So choose YES in this menu!

 Smile mirror with the shape Bol Hollow Bol. Laugh mirror with the shape Hol Bol Hol  Laugh mirror with the shape Sphere Length  Laugh mirror with the shape Hollow Length Smiley mirror with the shape Sphere Width Laugh mirror with the shape Hollow Width
Concave Convex Concave Convex Concave Convex Vertically Convex Vertically Concave  Horizontally Convex  Horizontally Concave 


Tight or "Disco"?

Our smile mirrors are known for their sleek distortions and appearance. Now we were asked by psychiatry whether we had a mirror in which people saw themselves several times. After some thought, your smile mirror expert Ronald Kooij came up with this version. In the first instance this version was called the PERSONALITIES mirror. However, our customers from abroad like to call it a PUZZLE mirror and here in the Netherlands DISCO distorting mirror appeals the most to the imagination. There is a lake price because it is quite labor intensive. Take for example the best-selling disco variant; the XXL. We place 900 on this! mirrors the size of a business card. Count on it that we were just watching!


The smile mirror itself tight. In other words; no logos or small mirrors (disco effect) on it. The same smile mirror as on the left, but then covered with small mirrors to get the disco or puzzle effect.  An XXL smile mirror applied as a disco-puzzle version. Gives a really surprising effect, your guests can look into it for hours!  A personal favorite. An XXL Hollow sphere Hollow covered with golden mirrors! Really a super unique item!

Our regular, "tight"

The same smile mirror
but now implemented
as a disco / puzzle mirror.
An XXL Horizontally Concave smile mirror in the disco-puzzle version, hung in
the catering space of Glowgolf scheveningen. Truly a unique eye-catcher
your customers can watch for hours. Partly due to the enormous size
also an eye catcher that one talks about.
XXL Concave Convex Concave covered with golden mirrors,
a unique version with a beautiful decorative appearance.


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